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When you have a vehicle that simply doesn't work any longer, it can be really challenging to know how to proceed when you get tired of parking it on your lot. While many people take advantage of extra RV pads or focus on finding a spot on the street that might work, it is important to note that there are a lot of reasons you should think about moving it to an auto wrecking business. When you are ready to move things along, talk with a professional about what you need to do, and ask them to come and haul your vehicle away. By taking great steps early on, you can prevent problems later.



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Is An Auto Scrap Yard The Best Place To Sell Your Old Car?
7 April 2020

When your old car isn't in bad shape, selling it b

Is An Auto Scrap Yard The Best Place To Sell Your Old Car?

When your old car isn't in bad shape, selling it becomes an option. A private sale or unloading the vehicle to a dealership might not be the best option, though. Bringing the car to an auto wrecker and selling it for scrap might be the better plan. A would-be seller's first reaction here may be pure shock. The car runs and still has a year or two of life left. Someone may buy it, but there are things to consider. Anyone looking to sell a car wants to get the best offer. An auto wrecker may present the best option.

Selling a Soon-to-Expire Car

Bringing the old car to a wrecker sets up a straightforward process. The wrecker offers a price based on weight and going market rate for scrap metals. Maybe you could sell the battery separately and make a little extra. Don't think the sales price would be lowball, either. Here are some concerns to weigh when selling to a dealer:

  • The Dealer Needs to Resell: "Blue Book" value suggests your car is worth $400, then the dealer must pay less than this figure. After all, the dealer must resell the vehicle. Don't expect anything close to Blue Book value when seeking an offer. The dealer also has no idea when the car will sell. So, he/she takes "time on the lot" when factoring in price. A vehicle that sits may be worth even less.
  • The Dealer Deals with Hagglers: If the dealer puts a $300 price on the car, odds are a would-be buyer offers $200. The dealer and the pre-owned buyer haggle back-and-forth. Ultimately, the dealer can't expect to sell a 20-year-old car with 170,000 miles for much money. So, the initial acquisition price might be rock-bottom.

A private sale may not be the best plan, either. While you could get more money, there are other concerns. If the vehicle's condition turns out worse than you thought, expect the buyer to complain. The seller could even be liable if the lemon car causes an accident.

Selling to the Auto Wrecker

The deal to sell an old car to an auto wrecker typically runs quickly. The wrecker could even pay cash. If the vehicle still operates safely, driving the vehicle to the salvage yard cuts out any tow truck fees, another plus. And the vehicle's destruction takes any "buyer complaints" with it. After all, the auto wrecker sells it for scrap and has no expectations for performance.

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