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When you have a vehicle that simply doesn't work any longer, it can be really challenging to know how to proceed when you get tired of parking it on your lot. While many people take advantage of extra RV pads or focus on finding a spot on the street that might work, it is important to note that there are a lot of reasons you should think about moving it to an auto wrecking business. When you are ready to move things along, talk with a professional about what you need to do, and ask them to come and haul your vehicle away. By taking great steps early on, you can prevent problems later.



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Selling Scrap Metal: Getting The Most From Your Junk Car

While you may think that the junk car sitting in your garage, driveway, or yard is nothing more than an eyesore, the truth is that junk cars can still have significant value regardless of what condition they are in. This is because even if the vehicle is no longer roadworthy, the materials that were used in the manufacturing of your vehicle still retain value that can be cashed in on by choosing to sell your vehicle to a scrap metal yard in your local area. However, before you begin the process of scrapping your old car, you should take a few minutes to review the tips below in order to ensure you are getting the most money possible out of your investment. 

Know What Materials Your Vehicle Is Made From

When contacting scrap metal yards near you, the more information you have regarding your vehicle, the more likely you will be to get the most money possible. This is because when a scrap yard purchases your junk car, they will break the vehicle down into its different components and then sell each type of material to companies who recycle these materials for use in manufacturing new items. Since each different material has a different value, knowing what materials are included in your specific vehicle can help you command a higher asking price. For example, if your vehicle has aluminum alloy wheels instead of steel alloy wheels, you will be able to get a slightly higher price from your junk car. 

Take The Time To Locate Your Title

Purchasing a junk car that does not have a title greatly limits the way in which scrap metal yards are able to process this vehicle. This is because the law prohibits scrap yards from selling off individual parts from a vehicle if they are not able to provide a title proving ownership of that vehicle. As a result, scrap yards have to pay less for vehicles that do not have a clean title even if the vehicle is in relatively good condition. These vehicles have to be sold as raw materials, so the scrap yard cannot sell any parts that are still in good working order. Therefore it is always in your best interest to take the time to locate the title for your vehicle whenever possible. 

Transport The Vehicle Yourself To Avoid Towing Fees

If your junk vehicle still runs or you own a truck or other vehicle that is capable of towing your junk car to the scrap yard, choosing to transport your car yourself will allow you to avoid any towing fees that come along with getting rid of your unwanted vehicle. If a scrap yard offers to come pick up the vehicle for you, be sure to inquire if there is any difference in what they are willing to pay if you transport it yourself. Many times you will find that they are willing to give you considerably more if you are able to find a way to get the vehicle to their location on your own.

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